Hi I'm Robert Jones.

I am an artist based in New York City, with primary focus in capturing urban landscape in oil. 

Born and raised in Westerly, Rhode Island, I studied under renowned local artist Pat Warfield in my childhood. 

A few of the early childhood memories include my very first attempt at drawing a person sitting down from memory, numerous attempts to capture the images of the ocean waves and surfers (sometimes with surfers facing the wrong direction), and my first attempt at oil painting a music booklet, thinking that the notes were medieval handwriting.

Occasionally, these 'struggles' faced by a budding young artist to-be often invited friends and strangers offering valuable tricks to get it right, usually after sharing a good laugh.

Eventually, I went onto further my studies at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Connecticut,  under the supervision of Steven Sheehan and Don Gale.

Rolling forward in time -I am currently working on a private commission to paint Grand Central Station.

Almost every day, I can be found painting on the sidewalks of midtown Manhattan.  I thrive on the authenticity of painting outside and encountering all kinds of people from different walks of life - neighbors, artists, lawyers, bankers, drug addicts, shop owners, delivery guys, musicians and playwrights. 

I love this city and I love bringing city landscapes to life in my work.